Public Adjuster Harris. Don’t make the common mistake after a fire. Get the Harris Advantage


One of the largest and most often made mistake that occurs after a fire is when the property owner, the insured relies soley and only on the insurance company to conduct a full, unbiased, and thorough investigation of the claim. Insurance Adjusters are obligated legally to their employer. Forget the advertising. Forget the slogans that come across those ads. Remember what reality is and what Television advertising is. .

During the claims process, insurance companies hold a big advantage over their

Policy holders. Large corporate, well-funded insurance companies are set up and armed with a battery of legal experts, forensic experts, adjusters and more, all with the intention and goal to avoiding make payments to the property owner.   How does an Insurance company make large profits? It’s simple. Insurance companies make money by accepting premiums and denying claims. Typically, policyholders do not understand the claim process or their duties in the case of

a loss. Policyholders are not experienced with handling emergency situations. Home Owners, the Policyholder, or sometimes called insureds are clearly unable to balance issues, such as preserving and protecting the damaged property with repairing and getting back into business or back into the home. You want to move fast. You do not want to move slowly. However, moving too fast or too slow is fatal to the ultimate resolution of the claim. Without knowledge of the policy coverage, exclusions, and interpretations, the insured will feel helpless when confronted with the insurance company’s settlement offer. Or worse denial of the claim. Often, the insured recovers far less than what the policy provides. After a fire or other loss, the insured, the Policyholder is urged to seek a consultation. Get the knowledge, power and leverage to handle matters. Let Harris provide you with the Harris Advantage. All consultations are no charge. There is simply no obligation.

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